$1,949 [1]

per month


$1,872 [1]

per month


$1,788 [1]

per month


$1,659 [1]

per month


$1,566 [1]

per month


 $1,566 [1]

per month

Afterschool (K-5th grade) [6]


per month

Summer Camp  (K-5th grade) [5][6]


per week

Providence Prep School offers an extraordinary full day, full year early education program each weekday for children six weeks to five years old complimented by after-school or summer camp programs for children kindergarten through fifth grade.

[1] This rate is good through December 31, 2022. If you have any questions about tuition rates, please contact Milly Asbury at 704-391-9700 or

[2] Tuition excludes the non-refundable registration fee. For other fees, see the “Registration & Wait List Policy” under the Enrollment Agreement.

[3] Sibling Discount: 10% off tuition of the oldest children’s tuition, when there are more than two children enrolled.

[4] Choosing to be placed on PPS’ Wait List does not guarantee a tuition rate or exempt a parent from future increases.

[5] Summer Camp tuition will continue to be paid weekly in advance and should be considered non-refundable; the weekly rate depends on the number of weeks a child is enrolled in the Summer Camp program, and whether or not the child’s family is currently enrolled in PPS’ preschool program. Summer Camp enrollment starts as early as the January that precedes the respective Summer Camp and requires advance tuition and/or a deposit, both if what are non-refundable, to hold a spot in PPS’ Summer Camp program.

[6] To comply with NCDCDEE licensing regulations, PPS’ Afterschool (K-5th grade) and PPS’ Summer Camp (K-5th grade) programs operate in two separate rooms: Kindergarteners and 1st graders meet in the Discovery Den on the 1st floor of the Providence building and the 2nd – 5th graders meet in the Schooler’s Studio on the 2nd floor of the Providence building.