Discovery Den: The Pre-K Programs at the Discovery Den early learning center encourages activities that are about exploration and discovery; exploring with their senses, asking questions, testing theories, making plans and thinking deeply.

The Discovery Den is an early learning space at Providence in Charlotte that will allow Pre-K children to explore through a variety on hands on, multi-sensory learning opportunities.

Children can explore light and shadow with the projector, create with a wide variety of art supplies and open ended materials, mold with clay, and develop a curiosity with science and sensory materials.

At Providence in Charlotte, we use monthly provocations to spark the children’s curiosity and creativity and establish a new exploratory way of learning. The vision is for the Discovery Den early learning center to be an extension of the Pre-K classroom and home experiences.

A question that has come up is, “What is a provocation”? Put simply, provocations provoke! They provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas.

Provocations can come in many forms:

  • An experience in nature (finding a bird’s nest, an interesting shell or rock)

  • An object (e.g. flower arrangement, magnets, maps)

  • An interest or question that the group may have

  • An event (space shuttle launch, weather, a holiday)

Ultimately, the intention of a provocation is to provide an invitation for a child to explore and express themselves. It should be open-ended and provide a means for expression.

When your child’s Pre-K class visits the Discovery Den, they will see that there are three learning centers set up daily:

  • Working with clay

  • Observational drawing/easel painting

  • Science and Sensory.

In addition to the three learning centers that are all accessible to the children, we have a tinkering table equipped with a tinker tray, tape, glue, scissors and paper.  As the children move freely around the space, our Pre-K program’s role is to nurture and support, not guide.  It will be a gift to watch their curiosity explode!

Nursing Nook:  In our Infant Suite we have a spa~inspired room for our moms who would like to breast feed on their lunch hour or before they leave the school for work. The Nursing Nook is equipped with comfortable seating, nursing pillows, hand washing sink, a refrigerator for milk storage and a television. At Providence, we want to support our Charlotte moms in breastfeeding for as long as possible, therefore we have created a serene space to make nursing a pleasant experience outside of the home.

Healing Haven

Healing Haven:  Although the Providence Preparatory School policy states that children should be picked up within an hour of becoming ill, we want children to be as comfortable as possible while waiting for mom or dad to pick them up.  The Healing Haven is a child friendly space where children can rest peacefully while they watch an educational program or listen to soothing music.   A child that is not feeling well will be cared for by a trained staff member.

We will utilize the expertise of the Communicable Disease Control/Mecklenburg County Health Department, for health issues that occur at our school.