Providence Prep School’s Christian Faith Formation preschool curriculum offers an age-appropriate non-denominational Bible study for toddlers through Pre-K.  Topics will come from both the Old Testament and the New Testament and expose children to a vision of God and His love for us as expressed in the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Bible study lessons will include illustrations and activities once weekly, lasting up to 20 minutes in the 2- and 3-year old classes, and up to 30 minutes in the 4-year-old and the Pre-K classes, as well as a “Chapel” in The Square once weekly for the same ages.  In addition, preschool teachers may include a short and simple blessing before meals.

Chapel time is a fun way for the classrooms to be able to recap our weekly Bible study through music and gross motor movement, and usually lasts for approximately 20 minutes giving the children time to get their “wiggles” out after nap times, followed by a short blessing.