Components of Providence Preschool’s Healthy Nutrition Program

PPS preschool has 15 raised bed planters in Charlotte which are planted seasonally with healthy herbs and vegetables for the use of PPS’ chefs. With our healthy nutrition program, it’s normal for our pizza sauce, spaghetti or turkey nachos to have 6 – 7 fresh vegetables in them! The excess of our bounty is donated to Friendship Trays.

PPS Kitchen Gardens

Providence Preparatory School is committed to healthy choices for your child.

  • Healthy Choice

    Healthy Meal

    Children are given the opportunity to make choices about seconds.

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    Healthy Celebrations

    We require parents to provide healthy snacks for celebrations that shift the focus from the food to their child. Our school promotes a positive learning experience when children have fun eating healthy snacks rather than cupcakes and cookies.

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    Water Initiative

    Children will be given filtered water throughout the day in place of juice and other sugar-containing beverages. Each child is provided with their own water bottle that is filled and refilled from the “Hydration Stations” in their classrooms.

Lifetime eating habits are formed during a child’s earliest years. Along with our families, we greatly influence each child’s nutritional preferences by providing many of the children’s daily meals.


Our chefs prepare breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack using a combination of fresh, locally grown whole foods (subject to seasonal availability), fruits, vegetables and herbs.  PPS partners with MicroFarm Organic Gardens to plant our15 raised bed planters with lettuces, vegetables and herbs. The produce is used in the kitchen by the chefs with surplus donated to Friendship Trays.

Our chefs use ingredients that are healthy, rich in nutrients, low in fat and sodium and high in protein. The children are served organic milk (subject to market place availability), whole wheat breads, fruit served fresh (subject to seasonal availability), lean meats and low sugar snacks.

Healthy Foods
Kids Meals


As a part of our Family Engagement initiative, we offer a delicious, nutritious “Meal To Go” to our families, quarterly.  We showcase the Chef’s talents and the children’s favorite foods. This provides a simple way for the family to sit together and enjoy one of PPS’ favorite meals.

Our meals and snacks meet the requirements for Meal Patterns as defined by the USDA.

** Children with allergies and special dietary restrictions will be given substitute foods with equivalent nutritional content.