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  • I , the undersigned “Parents” as defined below, hereby desire to enroll:
  • in the
  • class at Providence Preparatory School, LLC (“PPS”), and by signing below I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to be bound by this “Agreement” and the terms and conditions listed below.
  • TUITION:  The “Tuition” for my child will be the monthly rate posted on PPS’ “Website” ( found by clicking “School Rates” after clicking the “Enrollment & Tuition” tab.    I am responsible for payment of Tuition at the monthly rate in advance on a monthly basis.  Except as otherwise permitted by PPS in this Agreement, I will pay Tuition by ACH bank draft or by debit card or credit card (my “Payment Source”).  If I elect to pay by debit care or credit card I understand the PPS only accepts Visa, Master Card or American Express. If I elect to pay by debit card or credit card I understand that PPS will add a “Convenience Fee” as defined in the Section 6 below.  I will have funds available at my Payment Source to cover the ACH bank draft or a sufficient credit limit on my debit or credit card for my child’s Tuition by noon on the first (1st) day of each month unless the first day of the month is a Saturday or a Sunday or a national or bank holiday in which case funds for Tuition will be available for payment on the next following business day (the “Draft Day”).  If my child is initially enrolled after Draft Day in a particular month, then I will pay the required prorated Tuition that is due for that month by official certified bank check on the day of initial enrollment.  I owe Tuition as referred to above as of the date my child is enrolled at PPS even if I am not billed for Tuition by PPS or a third party if so designated by PPS.  PPS’ failure to collect Tuition as it comes due will by no means prevent PPS from collecting such Tuition at a later date.

    My child will be subject to dismissal from PPS if Tuition payments are not received from the Payment Source as specified above.  Tuition rates change from time to time (usually in September) and PPS will notify me at least sixty (60) days in advance of any Tuition increases, but I understand that if I am offered enrollment for my child for a date that is more than a week from the date I am offered enrollment, I may not get this advance notice and should instead go to the Website to verify Tuition increases for the upcoming year.  Tuition increases will usually but not always occur once annually in September or October. 

    I understand that Parents with a child enrolled at PPS prior to September 1, 2015 could opt, prior to September 1, 2015, to pay or continue paying Tuition weekly.  If I opted to pay Tuition on a weekly basis as mentioned above, I understand that five (5) Tuition payments will be due in the calendar months that have five (5) Mondays.  If the monthly Tuition rate is the only Tuition rate posted on PPS’ Website, I understand that dividing the monthly Tuition rate by a factor of 4.33 determines the weekly Tuition rate (i. e., 52 weeks per calendar year divided by 12 months per calendar year). 

    PPS offers its early education program to children of parents who qualify for and that take part in various accredited tuition subsidy programs (such as Child Care Resources, Inc.) as long as such tuition subsidy can be paid on the same schedule as required for other non-subsidized tuition payments.  Parents who participate in such a tuition subsidy program are responsible for the difference between what the tuition subsidy pays and PPS’ actual cost of weekly or monthly Tuition (which is sometimes referred to as the “market difference”).

    PAYOR CONFIDENTIALITY AND RESPONSIBILITY AND PAYING TUITION IN ADVANCE:  I understand that this Agreement is between PPS and me, and that PPS will not mediate collections of Tuition with parties not listed on this Agreement, such as Parents who are separated or divorced, grandparents, guardians, or any third party.  Except for the Registration Fee and any advance Tuition, PPS may refuse to accept cash or personal check as a Payment Source.  Advance Tuition will be paid in monthly increments at the monthly Tuition rate.  I will be fully responsible for paying all Tuition by the Draft Day even if some of my child’s Tuition is paid by a non-family third party not designated below such as Child Care Resources, Inc.  PPS will only discuss Tuition-related matters with the parties who have signed this Agreement; however if I want PPS to be able to discuss Tuition-related matters with someone who has not signed this Agreement, then I will first provide PPS with written notice to that effect, which will contain the person’s full name, address, phone number, the last four digits of their social security number, their date of birth, and their relation to my child.

    NON-REFUNDABILITY OF REGISTRATION FEES AND TUITION:  I understand that Registration Fees and any Tuition (whether the current Tuition due or any advance Tuition) I pay to PPS are non-refundable even if [a] my child becomes ill and/or cannot attend PPS, [b] I elect to withdraw my child from PPS’ program, or [c] my child is dismissed by PPS from PPS’ program for certain reasons set forth in the Parent Handbook including, but not limited to, excessive biting or unsatisfactory behavior or health conditions, before the end of the period for which the Tuition paid in advance covers; provide however that PPS may, but is not obligated to, refund certain amounts of Tuition paid for more than two (2) months  in advance if PPS cannot replace the Tuition paid in advance with equivalent Tuition revenue.  PPS is not obligated to abate or refund my Tuition [a] when PPS elects to close in observance of any federal, state, local or religious holiday or a Closing (defined below), [b] for the portion of the week that includes, precedes or follows New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King holiday, the Thursday before Good Friday (Maundy Thursday), Good Friday (the Friday before Easter), Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, fall break, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, [c] for the weeks that include other national holidays, [d] the portions of a calendar year that local public and/or private schools are closed including Closings for snow, ice or other inclement weather (see Section 5 below, When Closing Occurs and Early Pick-Ups), and [e] due to a communicable disease or an outbreak or epidemic in PPS or the community, destruction of facilities due to fire, weather or other natural or human factors, other threats to the safety of students, national emergencies, loss of power or loss of hot water, or other issues that justify PPS, in PPS’ sole discretion, a temporary closure and deem such is in the best interests of PPS and/or PPS’ enrolled children (a “Closing”).