Inside & Out


Discovery DenNursing NookHealing Haven

Discovery Den

Discovery_Denfeaturespages The Discovery Den is a learning space that has play materials and accessories to reflect themes such as Professions, Feelings, Community Helpers and Fairy Tales.

The children will be drawn to the giant loft, life sized dolls, theme kits and different play and learning resources not found in their classrooms.

Nursing Nook

Nursing_NookfeaturespagesNursing Nook:  In our Infant Suite we have a spa~inspired room for our moms who would like to breast feed on their lunch hour or before they leave the school for work. The Nursing Nook is equipped with comfortable seating, nursing pillows, hand washing sink, a refrigerator for milk storage and a television. We want to support our moms in breastfeeding for as long as possible, therefore we have created a serene space to make nursing a pleasant experience outside of the home.

Healing Haven

Healing_HavenfeaturespagesHealing Haven:  Although the Providence Preparatory School policy states that children should be picked up within an hour of becoming ill, we want children to be as comfortable as possible while waiting for mom or dad to pick them up.  The Healing Haven is a child friendly space where children can rest peacefully while they watch an educational program or listen to soothing music.   A child that is not feeling well will be cared for by a trained staff member.

We will utilize the expertise of the Communicable Disease Control/Mecklenburg County Health Department, for health issues that occur at our school.


Infant Toddler PlaygroundsPreschool PlaygroundsSchool Age Playgrounds


Infant and Toddler Playground:

    • Covered Patio
    • Raised Vegetable Garden
    • Hillside Slide
    • Swings
    • Rabbit Animal Water Sprinkler

Free, spontaneous play and outdoor playscapes, both natural and built, are essential for the fitness, health, and development of children and for their adaptation to their culture, society and world.” – Dr. Joe Frost


Preschoolers Playground:

  • Merry-Go-All
  • Trike Path
  • Panda Bear Water Sprinkler
  • Raised Gardens

If we are going to solve the problem of sedentary childhood, we have no choice but to refocus intense professional attention on design for outdoor free play in everyday naturalized settings.” – Robin Moore


School-Age Playground:

  • Cattail Spinner
  • Basket Swing
  • Over-Sized Chess Board
  • Hillside Slide
  • Hedgehog Water Sprinkler
  • Raised Gardens

The out-of-door environment holds particular potential for mediating children’s social emotional and intellectual learning in distinct ways not possible in the traditional indoor classroom.” – Dr.Kathleen Burriss