Going Green

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 
In an effort to reduce waste, conserve energy, and create a sustainable environment for our children’s futures, we have several features that help us move toward a greener existence such as those listed below.


Raised Bed Gardens 
All three play areas include fruit, vegetable, herb or flower gardens that will be cultivated by the children, teachers and our chef. Our goal is to grow produce that can be incorporated in our daily/weekly meals and snacks.

Dyson Air Blade® Hand Dryers The children are taught and expected to wash their hands many times a day, including arrival to school, before meals and snacks, after toileting, after messy play and after outdoor play. This extensive hand washing schedule can create an abundant amount of paper trash. To minimize the amount of paper waste we have installed hand dryers in all children’s restrooms. Besides teaching children the lesson of saving trees the hand dryers also aid in showing children how to properly dry their hands to prevent the spread of germs.

Automatic Controls 
To conserve energy, our sinks and toilets have motion sensors so that children cannot leave water running too long and also can use a “hands free” approach when toileting to help with germ reduction. Our lights in children’s spaces are also sensor controlled so as to only be on when needed.